Lava Stone Table- Deruta

Assisi Lava Stone Table

All great things happen around a table.

The Lava Stone

Strong, durable and easy to clean

Lava stone comes directly from the foot of the highest active volcano in Europe.

From large dark basaltic blocks, with unique technical characteristics, for resistance and workability, the black of the lava takes shape transforming the destructive force of the volcano into real works of art.

From the foot of Mount Etna the stones, smoothed into a Giotto-like shape, reach Deruta and enter the F.lli Mari Maioliche artisan workshop.

Indestructible over time, they easily resist atmospheric agents, do not fear low temperatures or the sun. They are not damaged by frost or salt.

Any product can be used to clean them.

Raffaellesco Lava Stone Table
Palio di Siena Lava Stone Table
Sicilia Lava Stone Table

The art of painting

In this phase, the uniqueness of the artistic sign combined with color blend together in the artist's creative gestures.

Each decoration is a painting, unique because Unique is the person with whom it will share dear friendships and affections. Every detail speaks, speaks of love, time, memory and symbols that come from afar.

Each single piece is hand painted by our artists exclusively on order in our laboratory in Deruta.

All glazes and colors used are lead-free and certified for food use.

Customize your table

It is possible to customize your table in shapes, decorations or writings. Contact us if you have special requests, it will be a pleasure for us to fulfill your wishes.

Minimal customizations such as the insertion of phrases, initials or logos can be done directly from the product page of the table.