Fuseruola Linen Necklace "That life won't bite you!"
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Fuseruola Linen Necklace "That life won't bite you!"

Fuseruola Linen Necklace "That life won't bite you!"

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The fuseruola linen necklace is a 48" necklace with hypoallergenic cotton thread and macramè knot closure that makes it adjustable in length, completely hand made and hand painted. With steel inserts, including a thimble, and with its decoration with linen colored peacock feathers  it contains a precious message of protection. Ancient tradition has it that thimble should be given in the sense of protection from anything that can harm us. From grandmother to granddaughter, from woman to woman from generation to generation, the most important wish is "That life won't bite you!" and in Italian it is "Che la vita non ti punga!".

100% Made in Italy.

Designed and created by Anna Lisa Piccioni.

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